Unspoken rules everyone should follow on the casino floor

Casinos can be chaotic for many especially for those who are experiencing it for the first time. But as a start to build your experience you start to know many rules that are never taught to you. Yes, this might come to you as a shock but casinos have rules too. And no, if you break you won’t be thrown out, but you will surely look like an idiot. Just like a person who shouts in the library. This is more than enough hint for you I guess. So let’s look into these unspoken rules that you must follow on the casino floor.


Know the chip denomination
This is the one rule that everyone who visits casino should know beforehand. You will have a much easier time if you know the denomination of the chips. You will generally find three chips in the casino: red, green and black chips. Black one is worth $100, Green one is worth $25 and the red one is worth $5.

Do not advice anyone
We have all been there. A rich guy playing blackjack and throwing his money like anything. You have an itch to stop him and teach him a thing or two, after all, there are no friends at the casino. But never do this, unless and until a player asks for it. You are not there to tell people what to do with their money. You are there to mind your own business. Also, you run a risk of the guy being aggressive and coming at you for lecturing him. 


Wait for your turn

This is one of the most annoying things you can do at a casino. It will piss everyone from dealers to the players and even waitress at the casino table. Everyone hates this and they are absolutely right about this. When you are playing with other people always make sure that you for your turn. Also, poker table is the last place you need to rush on. It’s not much effort to look around your table to know whether it’s your turn or not. Don’t presume and act prematurely.

Don’t ask dealer for advice
The dealer is not there to support you to win money, he is there to do his job. They are there to ensure that the game runs smoothly and thus they are always open to talk but that doesn’t mean that you can go and ask for their advice. They will definitely answer all your questions because at the end of the day they also look for their tip. There can be a conflict of interest kind of situation if you ask the dealer for advice. Because a dealer works at the casino and casino wants you to lose. It doesn’t how much in a difficult situation you never ask a dealer for an advice.